Thursday, January 29


i'm so happy today.. juz look at the post... three post in a tyme.. (but the story not happen in the same tyme).. hahah!! really xcited to share story.. u know why?? coz i receive a msg from her that i mish most.. msg from a person that i care nowadays beside my family.. hahaha!! who is she?? guess ur self.. lalala~~~

p/s erh all my fren, dun wory, i care 4 u guyz oso.. cannot wait to c u guys @ uni this monday..

-xcited to wait for ng n ping angpau...
-wan n janah wit the latest gossip..
-diya wit 'man utd haters' story & the secret of his fans..
-vsyan for latest story of anu vacation..(hope they got a story of 'candidate for me' bside taqiena n intan) lalalala~~
-raj with his siput..
-hsyam wit new games..
-zai with latest 'cruel' she has done to his younger brother n sister.. haha!
-tika and his sister finaz wit her latest gadjet 'S.E phone'
-syahid n J.P.J the latest.. what JPJ notice wit his car..
-tony the best 'g' partner ever.. hahahah!!
-sarol wit his dream gurl.. n****!
-story of umrah by reen, but maybe nex week kot coz she goin back to malaysia this thursday (if not mistaken)..
-All lecture wit latest tips for midterm exam... plis plis plis..
-oso story from my others fren (komet hema nisha kavitha sree etc...)

mish u guys..


vshanu said...

haha...i miss u too sayang...mmmmuuuuuaaahhh!!dun ask me where i kiss lol

vshanu said...


MiSS_PipO said...

wuw~ let me guess.. tat person stil not yet come bek to malaysia rite? lol
no angpow for u liao..haha. accept empty angpow?

kar-el said...

what the!!!
/me single! lol