Thursday, January 1


again, i'm in complicated situation today.. how should i luv sum1 that i didnt luv.. but give me opportunity to luv her... i have until today to give the answer.. once i give the answer, i cannot turn it back.. if i say yes, means we would take our frenship to the nex level.. but if i said no... means we would ever be frens as usual...

maybe it sound easy to sum1. but not for me... i already confess to sum1 that i think more matured and able to help me when i'm down.. so i have no feeling towards my fren that ask me for the answer.. yeah, the person that i confess maybe or maybe not be with me in the future, but i cannot simply turn around n accept sum1 else..

its not about to change ur status only, more important, how to be luv, how to b cared n how to shared our happiness.. adoi... c.o.m.p.l.i.c.a.t.e.d

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