Sunday, January 30

"Airplanes" by B.o.B. ft. Hayley Williams (cover by tiffany alvord)

Not sure, why today i become obses with youtube.. i spend most of the time, listening to the songs and cover made by someone that we may not known before.. one of them is this gurl, 'Tiffany Alvord'.. guys she has wonderful voice and talent.. listen and enjoy k..

p/s wish i could learn to play guitar one day.. huhu..

Saturday, January 29

The Fray - Heartless

Yesterday, i'm watched aI10 audition on astro.. and i fall in luv with one scene.. scene where there is a man, going for an audition and he show something to the people around the globe, what is luv all about.. his name 'chris medina' and she sang song title 'breakeven' by the script.. it was really a great song.. and i guess, chris medina performed it in much more bettter way than the script.. i wish i could be like him.. tougher heart and brave enough to face all of the test put by the GOD. and u knoe wat? i'm fall in luv with this song at the first place..

i google the song on the internet, lookin for the lyrics, and watch the video on youtube.. SUDDENLY, my eyes was starring at one of the related video that appeared on the right side of the browser.. its title 'the fray - heartless'.. i know the fray since they sang a song for transformers 2 OST.. guys, i think i luv this song much more than 'breakeven'.. again i go through the lyrics and the video.. it was a wonderful video + a good lyrics.. and fyi, its originally sang by K.West.. The fray make a cover on it.. but its much more better and very pleasant to be heard.. So u guys, njoy this video.. and believe me, if the video still not mad enough, try to go for the lyrics..

Video :




Lyrics :


2 and 3.

so, as a conclusion for today :
1. Chris Medina, i salute u man.. wish u da very best of luck for ur future..
2. The fray, u never disappointed us with hw the way u perform all of ur song..
3. Guys.. i never made this post, to hurt anybody k.. i know some of the lyrics is a bit harsh to someone or maybe everyone who read through the lyrics.. but the lyrics is the lyrics.. i'm just listen to the song and kinda luv it.. cheers everyone..

Thumbs up for both of u (chris medina n the fray)..
Take care readers..

Tuesday, January 18


Semalam ada terbace post dari vesshant.. Macha, thanx dei for the entry 'Friends of the day 2'.. as u r one of my besties, i'm realy glad to have u inside my life.. cha, ping, rachi, sree, balan, janah, zai, tika, ineh, reen, wan, diya.. u guys rock! thanx for makes me hepy during 'that old days'.. hehe.. walaupun kadang2, ada gak aku gaduh ngan korang, tpi aku glad, sebab korang adalah orang2 yang percayekn aku, at times when others start to pointing their fingers on me..

In this entry also, i want to dedicate my appreciation to alfy, azam, chekinit(fify), mei, jaid,razman,alip n her greenapple,wana,fatin for olwez makes my day completed with ur guys life, laughter, joy, sadness n everything.. yerp, i'm kind of enjoying my life now, altho sumtimes its hard for me to take that.. but, life must go on ryte? others already make her own choice, so why shul we waitin then..

Erm, to syira as well, thanx for owez keep advice me and being my ustazah.. insyaAllah ustazah, saye akan jadi yang terbaik, saye akan proof kat sume orang, yang sy bukan seburuk yang mereka katekan.. My followers like Hakha, una_witch, thanx for keep reading my blog, altho i knoe some entry sound strangers to u guys..

Last but not least, of coz to my family.. saye akan ingat pesan mak, 'xpe, susun hidup kamu skarang, tunjukkan kat orang len, one day mereka akan menyesal dengan kate kamu begitu.' u guys wan to knoe sumthin? these day, i'm use to kiss my mum everyday.. n at one moment when i'm not kiss her in a day. she will merajuk.. how she merajuk? nex day when she wake up, she will not talking to me, n made breakfast.. so if no breakfast i will straightly go to meet her, and kish her.. then nex day, surely got sarapan.. hehehe.. my dad and bro has already arranged me a business, which i guess, i will start to work with it in next 2 or 3 month.. thanks guy for letting me in.. :D

tomorrow got an interview at Manulife Damansara.. wish me luck guys.. and perhaps, after few interview with Shell, i can get my opportunity there..

assalamualaikum.. regards..

Tuesday, January 4


"Aku nak kau jage die elok2.. kalau aku tau kau sakitkan hati die, kau lukakan hati die, nahas kau"..

"ye, insyaAllah, aku akan buat yang terbaik, kalau kau nak aku terima cabaran kau, aku nak kau terima cabaran aku jugak.. aku nak kau stop ganggu die. kite same2 laki, so kene gentleman. aku lebih rela kene pukul dengan kau kalo aku tau ko ganggu die lagi. coz aku x pengecut macam kau."

".............................................., aku cakap ngan kau skali lagi, kalau kau ape2 kan die, nahas kau, pecah kepala aku kerjakan'

"gi mamposla.. kau ingat aku takut ke ngan kau"

"tengok aku baru uji ko sikit.. ko dah mencarut cam ni dgn aku.. ko cakap mampus2.."

"bro, dgr sini,ko nak aku cakap elok2 dgn kau.. dah habis elok aku cakap, tapi ko still nak tunjuk kan ganas ko,ego ko, nak pukul2 aku. abis kau nak aku diam je, n tunduk ngan ko"

"aku saje uji ko, tgk ko bley tahan or tak, tp kalau dah mcm ni pun kau nak ckp mcmtu, future nanti cemane.."

"at least,mampus tu tak seburuk Puki**k, B*b*, yang engkau pnah ckp."

"apasal ko nak ungkit hal aku dengan die, ko tak tau tyme tu ape yang dah jadi..aku cakap camtu sebab aku sayang die, aku dah pujuk die beratus kali, aku panjat naik bukit sorang-sorang..ko tak rase ape yang aku rase"

"so skarang ni kalo kite nak cakap care baik, xperlu nak ugut2 camtu.. kite same2 lelaki, so b gntlman.. terime sgala baik buruk, yang penting kite same2 doa yang terbaik ntok diri kite sume.. tu kan lagi baik"

"laki, awal2 kalo dpt sume manis, dah lame2 sok tengokla.. ko masih muda, ko x paham.. aku nak tgk ko tahan berapa lame.."

"kenapa ko tak cermin diri ko sebelum ko cakap camtu dengan aku? kau sedar tak apa yang ko cakap?"

"kau tak paham masalah aku, keadaan aku.. senang la kau cakap.."

"sebab tu aku cakap dengan kau awal2 tadi.. releks, ape yang penting skarang ni, doakan yang trbaik ntok life masing2.. aku xkn tolak kalau jodoh kau dengan die.. Allah punye kuase sume.."

"bro, tahniah la sebab dapat die, aku pun tak paham, 2 tahun aku sayang die, sng je die berubah.."

"ye bro, same2.. papepun, aku mintak juz doa yang trbaik ntok life kite sume, tu lebih penting"

"aku pun tak tau nak cakap ape, tp aku juz nak ko jage die elok2.. aku sayang die bro, aku buat sume bende ntok die"

"insyaAllah, aku ingat pesan ko tu"

"ok bro, bye"


petikan dari drama 'phone'.. dedua salah pada aku.. juz hope yang terbaik n korang due tak gadoh.. erh! G*Y kah aku kerna membeckup kedua-dua lelaki? hahaha.. saya still lurus.. xda bengkok2.. cheers!