Thursday, January 29


yesterday is my bro bufday.. do no what to give him, so i juz give him certain amount, n nah... go 4 ur shooping.. buy what u want.. its more simple to me without thinking what should i bought for him.. haha..

but what should i buy 4 my mum.. this 1st feb would be her 55th bufday.. haaiyoo.. cannot juz give certain amount n ask my mum for shopping.. bcoz all this tyme, my mom sponsor all my expends.. hahaha!! thought wana buy her handbag.. but crap! i juz realize she wearing LV those day.. i cannot afford those price.. hurm.. give her 'menantu'.. funny! still single, how can i... give him care n luv.. of coz i do.. everyday i luv n care bout her..

untill this morning my sister call... 'hei y dun we ask mom to go 4 dinner in a cruise @ putrajaya? mom really want to go there since she start dreaming to eat on the cruise those day...' good + cool + interesting.. thanx my sister for the brilliant idea.. but she ask 4 condition... 'bro we r goin to divide the price between ours (siblings [4]).. but if we r not able to reach those amount, can u support more ka? use ur scholar money..'

aiyo... susah rupenyer jadi orang byk duit nih.. hahah!! nvrmind, i would do everything, to share this happyness wit my entire family (including 'him').. but if he refuse to go, nevermind, i also xpected u not to go... dun crash out our happyness.. huh! sound so cruel... but accept that.. u try to be cruel to ours, i make sure u get it double from mine..

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