Sunday, December 12

wat is my activity, recently.. STALKERISM n 1st ENTRY

wake up at 10, really tired, ysterday went back to kampung, and supposed planned to stayed for a night there.. but then, ayah ajak balik on the same day.. so trsangatlah la letih, dats y bangun lambat...

10 a.m...
jaid (my fren @ sentul) called..
"ada apa plan?"
"nothing.. apehal? nak blanja makan or ajak date? haha"
"jom mancing.."
"kat mane?"
"sape lagi gi?"
"mei, azam, abg teko, abg najib n abg mi.. dorang dah gi dulu, kite gi 11.15, ok?"
"ok, cun.. jumpe nanti"

11 a.m
baru nak mandi.. (overslept... hehe)
11.30 a.m
chow gi mancing.. (lewat coz sidai baju.. sory jaid..)

12.30 p.m - 4.50 p.m
arrived at seri bayu (semenyih).. mancing time...
result = 1 ekor ikan (name = rohu; weight = lesser than me.. :p)..
went back, and arrive home at 6.00p.m..

8.00 p.m - 9.40p.m
dinner time wit family @ samudera..

9.50 p.m
meet azam n da rest..(my frens @ sentul)
every1 ready wit helmet and bike..
"korang nak gi mane ni?"
"ade projek.. ushar achipok.."
"erk.. korang biar betol?"
"haha, xda2 ada gaduh kat ***** ****, abang2 sume dah gerak, budak kite kene"
"eh, ye ke? follow then.."
"boley mie, tapi nanti kalau bab2 pukul memukul, kite toksah join, biar abg besar handle, tadi dorang dah gitau.."
"huhu.. aku rase kalo ade pukul memukul pun aku x join, takut aku yang kene.."
"hahaha... tu la muke skema sgt"

10.10 p.m
sampai kat tempat kejadian..
keadaan tegang, kayu sume standby..
macam ada yang dah kene, coz ad yg dh trduduk..
kitorang lewat sampai, si azam bley bwk moto mcm kure2 sambil melalak atas moto..
kitorang seperti biase - ushar dari jauh je.. heheh..

proses pendamaian berlaku kot.. macam settle je..
tetibe ad kete polis datang, along with 2 bikes.. n sume kelam kabut lari..
bcoz we r stalker only, n we seat so far from the scene, everyone is pretend again like mat rempit and got nothing to do wit the fight.. (in fact we didnt involved at all :D )

10.30 p.m
arrive flat...
dengar abg besar cite.. boong banng boong baang..
session end at 11.15 p.m..

11.15 p.m
went to mamak.. bought teh tarik.. tapau only.. minum di rumah..

11.30 p.m
lepak wit mak kat rumah, watchin CSI..
me watchin CSI, n those CSI's watchin my mum sleep.. (mak sangat comel time tido.. hehe)

12.30 a.m
buhsan, on laptop.. on y.m.. check latest newcastle football news.. check mail..
invent new hobby.. - searching my old friend, using their fullname, surname, nickname @ (no email search, coz i dont hv theirs mail account)
was suprised, many of them has changed, some cannot be recognized anymore..
ask vesshant for help.. "macha, nak pinjam fesbuk.. nak password and username..nak stalker orang"
vesshant - "sure macha.. can can.."
me - "thanx cha"
suprisingly, this activity end at 3.34 a.m.. but i still think, there is much left profile dat i didnt stalked yet..

3.50 a.m
blogging this entry.. end at 4.37 a.m


so result for today...
- i have new hobby, it is called STALKERISM - stalk stalk n stalk my friend profile.. hehe.. but its not for a bad purpose k.. i juz mish my old pals.. luckily my primary skulmate had gathering on 1/1/11.. & scondary is on 26/12/10.. UITM n UNITEN?? TBC.. :D

- diz word is taken from my first entry (i read it while waiting the page on google load - during STALKERISM)..
"inilah aku.. hanya aku yang tahu, apa yang aku tahu… aku tak kisah bersendirian, asalkan aku tahu, betapa besarnya ciptaan Tuhan…"

all i can say, i think i will went bck to my old life, n diz word act, has given me strength and cnfidence.. yes! i do believe i can do well.. n i will.. as long Allah (GOD) and my family is beside me, nothing will stop me anymore, and i will not let any1 interfere wit anythings,regarding to my life..

coz again, this is my life, n only me and Allah (GOD) know, what is the truth of me.. you guys cn judge me, but nothin will change me as long my family and Allah didnt say it is wrong, or give the bad karma to me.. i will seek 'hidayah' from Allah, n guidance from my family but not from those outsiders..
(close friend like uni10 clazmate n sentulrians will be considered)

i'm wat i'm n i dont want to be 'hypocritos'.. if i've done it before, sincere apologize from me k.. i will learn from the mistake, n i'll ensure 1 day, i cn b a better 'khalifah' in this world.. insyaAllah..

-persepsi hati-

Thursday, December 9

full stop...

SHe : Dear my friend, thnkx cz bcome my great companion before, snce it is maal hijrah, i wish all da best 2 u,wishn' one day there wll be smeone dat suit wit u n u livin happly evr after..all u hv to do is juz wait, cz ur angel wll come to sooner or later, trust to Allah, and he'll grant ur wish,psst,.ur angel is out there, trust me!;) strt ur life with new mission yea ..i ve strt my life wit new hope, xperience
hopefully u too :D

He : thanx my dear may takes time for me.ryte now, i dun feel to find any angel anymore.juz wan to cncntrate wit my own life n fmily.insyaAllah,if i'm wit any1 1day, i will let u knoe.. but i think it is not in the near future.neway, hope u njoy wit ur new life,fmily,****,etc..i'll pray for ur hepynes k


ending.. and full stop to everything.. thanx for being with me before k.. again alia, i wish u all the best for ur future, n i'll pray for ur hepyness..

-persepsi hati-
persepsi dari akal tafsir pada diri, untuk semua insan yang aku cintai..

P/s sory ye alia.. sy dh put star.. as ur wish.. guys, no guessing,coz aku xda hadiah ntok pemenang.. haha..