Sunday, July 24

to whom? i'm not sure

Whn i look bck at myself, i'm not sure wat i'm capable of..i luv biznes but i'm mostly being cheated by others..same goes to luv.. i'm luv to b luved, but i'm not sure whether i'm capable of handling it.. people said truth is hurt n truth might change others.. but i'm adapt wit it.. its hard for me to b wit sum1 coz i'm very direct twards wat i's just my way of sincerety..wat hpen might showed dat u n me r not dserved to b with, i do no hw to treat u n u seems to b hurt by wht i said..people said take it or leave it..hurm at this moment i might leave it for bettr.. thnx for everythin n i'm very glad to b closed wit u.. it just a great feeling to hide under every1 nose, n knowing u btter thn any new frens could hv..thnx again..

(To whom? I'm not sure.. i just write it for my pleasure.. coz i do hope, beneath my darkness, i cn still bring smile for tomorrow)

Saturday, July 2

i'm glad.. ;-)

I'm glad Allah test u with difficultness.. so u cn measure ur self about luv, life n dignity.. sumhw its not bout who u wnt to be with, but who u shuld b with.. so luv Allah n fmily btter, b4 u luv any1 else..
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