Thursday, May 17


Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim,

Jarang sekali aku buka lembaran blog ni dengan bismillah dan salam..
InsyaAllah, jika tidak pada kata, moga ia wujud pada hati..


today i realize a lot of things.. and as to date i totally glad with Allah.. on what Allah has gave me..

today i went for an interview with Accenture. You know what my Senior Manager and Manager said?

Manager : "Ku, ensure you do your best for that.. but are u really want that job?"
Me : "its not bout the job.. i just seek for experience to develop my soft skill.. got or not is 2nd thing sir.
Manager : "Alhamdulillah. May Allah give the best for you.. How was ur Master?"
Me : "doing great sir. i'm enjoyed that :) "
Manager : "Are you planning to quit?"
Me : "not in near future sir.."
Manager : "If could, please stay with us.. U already part of our family.. seriously, we lost our one feet without you.. you have help us a lot"
Me : smile.. "well sir.. thanks for that.. never expect those word"
Manager : "Just do your best for today k"

Senior Manager : "Ku, how was master?"
Me : "Ok puan. Enjoyed! :D "
SM : "Are u planning to quit?"
Me : "not in near future for sure"
SM : "If you prefer to stay, we are pleased too. you have becoming our important members and part of great team player"
Me : "thanks puan.." smiled :D

Alhamdulillah, Allah has granted me a path. to be with people who appreciated me a lot.

Apart from that dear, today i already signed a doc for my housing loan. Alhamdulillah, at 24 finally i bought one for us to be used in future..

Today also i saw mom cried. She so pleased knowing, finally i bought my own house.. Neway, i'm going to sign S&P this saturday. :)

To date, Allah has granted me with blessed and barakah. i wish i could be a good servant, khalifah, son, husband, and father. InsyaAllah will always seek blessing from Allah in everything i do..

I pray as well, i could meet you someday..
Tho, i'm not sure when, but as u read this in future, i hope u r smiling.. u know dear, apart from Allah, Rasulullah, and family, i only have you and our kids to be with me. so to see u smile is a blessing..

May u be my good wife here and thereafter..