Wednesday, April 27

bom :-)

'Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live Oh take, take, take it all but you never give.. '

Thanx bruno mars.. such an inspired song for me.. ;-)
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email.. hacked..

my email has been hacked by somebody this morning.. how do i know? hey! that stupid person changed my password.. ok i have changed it back.. and i think i know how that stupid person done it.. simple.. by using the secret question, answer..

1. secret question.. 'what is your favourite football team?'
2. secret question.. 'what is your fullname?'

hahah.. as i laugh read my secret question, i realize hw stupid i am, to have the answer directly known by people who know me.. huhu.. so i changed it back..

and a few moment later, someone added me through friendster.. (the heck! i didnt play fs.. fb! fb! hahah).. and that person is very familiar to me.. and i start wondering, i think he is the one who hack my mail.. coz, he xpuas hati wit me bout something.. and her gf told me b4 about his jealousy.. and i start wondering again, could his girlfren, give the answer of my favourite football team...

anyway, it just my guessing, but watever it is, if the person who hacked my mail read this, (or maybe his or her rakan subahat read this), please, i'm skema, nothing interested inside my mail.. so stop hacking k.. dont bully me coz i'm skema.. hahah.. dei bican, please help me to configure my server k.. peace!

Tuesday, April 26

'tidak, kerna aku msih blaja tntang khidupan'

Erm.. bile org kate sume perkara x benar.. aku yang perasan sendiri.. aku yang terase sendiri.. aku yang sakitkn diri sendiri.. ingin aku jawab 'tnjukkan mane part yang xbenar, mane yang aku perasan, mane yang aku terase sndiri, dan btol kah aku sgaja sakitkan diri sndiri?'..

Lantas aku trfikir, org pnah brkate mcm2, pndirian mereka, xmo itu xmo ini, serik pasal tu, serik pasal ni.. aku xnk trima aku xnk mgalah, aku xnk bg 2nd chance.. aku trsenyum kmbali.. sbab ape yang mereka prkatakn, sgtlah berbeza ketika ini.. lalu aku pikey, ye, mereka masih blajar dn msih blum matang agaknye..

Kerana org yang matang pada aku, bukan mereka yang pndai mmberi alasan, tp mereka yg teguh pndirian nye, dlm ape yg dilakukn..senyum atas sgala pujian mahupun tomahan, kerna mereka yakin, stiap prjalanan wujudnya pgajaran.. adakah aku seorang yang matang? 'tidak, kerna aku msih blaja tntang kehidupan'..

Monday, April 25

strangers, again

I really hope everyone watch it.. n understand it.. so u guys cn undrstnd what trauma i've been in..
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Saturday, April 23

Label : ubat ini boleh menyebabkan mengantuk..

Still i cant sleep laz nyte.. altho i take xtra dose on that.. n my head is buzzing all around again..
Enough n i must face it.. face the truth..

its hurt.. n really really hurt..

Yes.. the pain is coming again.. n i'm not sure hw to hndle it.. the stressed.. migrain.. dear Allah.. please, gv me the strength.. my head is gttin worse.. n the only hope i hv ryte nw is from u, Allah.. please guide me thru the path where i cn capture the hepyness that i'm looking for..

Sory guys, i'm not trying to raise simpati.. but my blog is the only way i'm expressing what i feel.. in hope i could b btter after write it.. if u feel unwell with, it, dont read my blog.. thanx..


I'm so depressed with my life.. all of the tense, tears n memory keep buzzing on my head.. i wish there is no week like this in future.. the tense dat almost kill my soul, the tears dat drag me to hell.. i hate all of this.. i hate everyone dat ruin my life.. hope just come n flow away easily.. i'm not strong enugh.. i need help.. Ya Allah, i'll pray dat Allah gv me strength.. i dun want to cont my stupidity like yestrday.. i'm weak again when i'm start thinking bout it.. dear medicine..please stay with me.. dear fren, please b with me.. dear family, please support me..

I wish i'll b doing my umrah ryte nw.. i juz want to live in peace, w/o my mind being dstracted.. sumtimes, when i'm thinking bout death, i'm afraid.. afraid dat Allah wont forgive all my sin, if i'm dead.. but ,Ya Allah, i'm more willing to meet u rather than staying with this pain.. i'm hopeless wit evehytin.. i'm not sure where my life will b.. i juz hope Allah gve me hidayah n strength.. please Ya Allah, save me from all this pain..

Tuesday, April 12

syg sy untuk..

Aku tak mahu mnangis demi cinta thadap seorg insan.. kerna aku lebih rela menangis jika cintaku thadap Allah dan keluarga smakin pudar dan hilang, kerna kealpaan ku mghadapi liku kehidupan.. terima kasih Ya Allah kerna mmberi aku peluang mngecapi kejayaan.. untuk aku sumbangkn kepada keluarga yang aku syg..

Sunday, April 3

*** (4/4/2011 12:19:19 AM): dont u ever talkin about me as ur ex to everyone..
azmi (4/4/2011 12:19:29 AM): who r u want to stop me?
azmi (4/4/2011 12:19:34 AM): who r u want to force me?
*** (4/4/2011 12:19:40 AM): i am no one..
azmi (4/4/2011 12:19:43 AM): so be it
*** (4/4/2011 12:19:48 AM): i am not forcing you either..
azmi (4/4/2011 12:19:58 AM): so dont ask me to do things i dont want
azmi (4/4/2011 12:20:00 AM): ok?
*** (4/4/2011 12:20:19 AM): ok
azmi (4/4/2011 12:20:26 AM): alhamdulillah
*** (4/4/2011 12:20:26 AM): i wish i never meet you..
azmi (4/4/2011 12:20:28 AM): thanx
*** (4/4/2011 12:20:29 AM): thnk you
azmi (4/4/2011 12:20:55 AM): thanx for those pain words


guys, i juz hope everyone will learn from this.. every words we said is like a doa(prayer).. so altho if we hate others, juz pray the good things for them.. not something that cn hurt their feelings.. remember, Allah(GOD) will repay all of the goods and bad we did.. so who know, by praying a good things for others, Allah(GOD) will bless and direct us in correct path for our future..

people will learn from mistake.. so.. everyone including me, this is life, we deal with it before we learn from it..

persepsi hati..
(sorry for my grammar k.. as i said, we learn from mistake.. :) )

Saturday, April 2

:-) hypocrite n reality

Alhamdulillah.. she seems so hepy nw.. altho i'm thorn into pieces.. neway, life is full of suprise.. people will act like angel to hide all the mstake.. and it gettin worse when u let urself down n let others blame n misjudge u wit everythin..

N for those who r seeing me like unmatured person, hey shut up! I'm not hypocrite like u.. culture shock prson n think dat u r cool enuf to act like dat.. i hv been raise in a place where some of my fren doesnt know how to read, die at young age bcoz of drugs, in juvana bcoz of theft,murdered a person n rape.. so r u still thinking dat u r cool enuf by repo wit a bunch of people dat use to shisha n smoking in mamak stall everyday? Haha! U such a jerk!

So if u think i'm goin to change myself, for the sake to win ur heart, or to b close wit u.. dude! I'm not hypocrite like u.. i'm proud to b myself.. my experience has thought me a lot hw to b grateful wit ur life.. it showed me hw importnt to b close with Allah (GOD), my fmily n myself.. i believe in sincerity.. when u done sumtin good sincerely, Allah(GOD) will pay ur kindness more than u could imagine..

still thinking i'm too skema?nerd? Think again.. my heart has suffered a lot.. my head has been blocked by memories.. but things would not stop me for being such a person that cn make Allah, my fmily n people dat appreciate me, proud of having me as khalifah/son/person dat they has met in this world.. this is me.. persepsi dari hati, tafsiran pada akal ntok kegunaan sanubari..

P/s sory for my grammar k.. i'm still learning hw to write things btter..