Tuesday, January 19

u, me and them

have u guys ever been in the lowest point inside ur guys life?
hurm, to hear sum1 laugh at u, regarding ur weakness, probably be the lowest point in ur self confidence. plus, if it is come from the mouth of the person u luv.. this situation happen to me.. and because of my un-good-lookin-face, people make a laugh at me.. and u keep telling the same stories to me..

yerp, i feel down sumtimes, but ur word of convince me, that u pick me not becoz of my look, build my confidence back.. altho it is not high as the sky, but at least, i can still touch the ground.. to continue my walk, and facing those people around that use to laugh at me, as u were do sumtimes, and as ur fren use to..

that is life ryte? if u are charming, good looking, pretty, beauty, many people will get close with.. but if u are not, hei welcome to my club :D..

do i need change, to ensure people look at me? i dun think so, coz i'm proud by the way i'm lookin at..

hei.. i cannot give u the best looking charming handsome or watsoever, but i can ensure u that i can grant my loyalty, sincerity and part of my happiness to be share with.. coz my life is not always to be about me, but to be with u that can accept me is the precious thing that i care most.

(p/s u = does not mean for a single person, but for the people that know me in his/her life)

Tuesday, January 12

congratz bro..

this post is exclusively made for my friend.. shahrul..

juz wana say congratz, coz finally u made it.. selepas penat bertarung, memberi idea.. akhirnya u manage to get it by urself.. no more low confidence k!

wish u hepy for ur future, n gues what? u'r not GAY! (like ur bro use to say it b4) hehe!

wat kengkawan aku yang mengenali shahrul a.k.a kareL a.k.a shahrul_neo, bliau telahpun tamatkan status single nye.. dengan sape?? hurm, better go ask shahrul privately.. :D