Friday, October 4

Assalamualaikum my little diary


Phew it has been a while..
Miracle happened today, for no reason, i suddenly remember my blog password, then able to access my blog dashboard.. so hello persepsi-hati :)

As i wrote today, i already 25 years old. having work in electricity industry for the past two years.
Alhamdulillah, for the short period of time, i've made several achievement.
Sayang, i recently received staff of the month award (big clap!), selected by company to be part of the transformation program (Big Big Clap!) in planning the company strategy, listed as 100 young emerging talent (Big Big Big Clap!). it took several determination to reach this level, but nothing will be there without Allah blessing. So, Alhamdulillah, Thank You Allah.

Oh yea,
I finished my MBA last month. working while studying on full time basis will not be an easy task. But i managed to do it sayang. Again, Thank You Allah, Alhamdulillah.. (any present for me?? hihi)

if you were my destiny, inshaaAllah, we will getiing marry this coming february. And by that time, i'm pretty sure, i will show you all of this entry of my journey. I've been in a deep sink, pushing hard for a deep breath, hoping for a better life ahead. Is not easy, because i do admit, it is hard for me to forget somebody, but i'm preparing to live without it, starting new life and journey to be with you. InshaaAllah, i will make you happy, taking care of you and our kids, look after our parents, and more importantly, bring our family to Jannah. Ameen..

Thank you for keeping your trust in me, loving me as you always do, and being there when i'm really need it. Being a perfect person for you is impossible, but dont worry, i will try to complement your imperfect part, nicely. (are you hungry while reading this entry? please go and ask me to cook something for you now.. in return, i want to skip for laundry this week :P )

My dearest family,
this blog will remain secretly from you, but i hope i can un-secretly show my love to you guys everyday. will always keep you guys in my du'a, being a good son and sibling, and inshaaAllah, loving you guys till jannah. Thank you for keeping faith and give ur endless support on me.

"Oh Allah the most Merciful, Please bless the family i loved and put them in your Jannah. As i might not be a good servant, but please Allah, bless my parent, forgive their sins, and if, it will take me to carry out their sin in order for them to enter your Jannah, i will love to do so. I love them because of you, and i will do my best to ensure they can enjoy their life thereafter. Thank You Allah, for listening to my du'a. Please show me the best path, to be a good servant and khalifah in this journey of life. Ameen.."