Thursday, January 29


i'm so happy today.. juz look at the post... three post in a tyme.. (but the story not happen in the same tyme).. hahah!! really xcited to share story.. u know why?? coz i receive a msg from her that i mish most.. msg from a person that i care nowadays beside my family.. hahaha!! who is she?? guess ur self.. lalala~~~

p/s erh all my fren, dun wory, i care 4 u guyz oso.. cannot wait to c u guys @ uni this monday..

-xcited to wait for ng n ping angpau...
-wan n janah wit the latest gossip..
-diya wit 'man utd haters' story & the secret of his fans..
-vsyan for latest story of anu vacation..(hope they got a story of 'candidate for me' bside taqiena n intan) lalalala~~
-raj with his siput..
-hsyam wit new games..
-zai with latest 'cruel' she has done to his younger brother n sister.. haha!
-tika and his sister finaz wit her latest gadjet 'S.E phone'
-syahid n J.P.J the latest.. what JPJ notice wit his car..
-tony the best 'g' partner ever.. hahahah!!
-sarol wit his dream gurl.. n****!
-story of umrah by reen, but maybe nex week kot coz she goin back to malaysia this thursday (if not mistaken)..
-All lecture wit latest tips for midterm exam... plis plis plis..
-oso story from my others fren (komet hema nisha kavitha sree etc...)

mish u guys..


yesterday is my bro bufday.. do no what to give him, so i juz give him certain amount, n nah... go 4 ur shooping.. buy what u want.. its more simple to me without thinking what should i bought for him.. haha..

but what should i buy 4 my mum.. this 1st feb would be her 55th bufday.. haaiyoo.. cannot juz give certain amount n ask my mum for shopping.. bcoz all this tyme, my mom sponsor all my expends.. hahaha!! thought wana buy her handbag.. but crap! i juz realize she wearing LV those day.. i cannot afford those price.. hurm.. give her 'menantu'.. funny! still single, how can i... give him care n luv.. of coz i do.. everyday i luv n care bout her..

untill this morning my sister call... 'hei y dun we ask mom to go 4 dinner in a cruise @ putrajaya? mom really want to go there since she start dreaming to eat on the cruise those day...' good + cool + interesting.. thanx my sister for the brilliant idea.. but she ask 4 condition... 'bro we r goin to divide the price between ours (siblings [4]).. but if we r not able to reach those amount, can u support more ka? use ur scholar money..'

aiyo... susah rupenyer jadi orang byk duit nih.. hahah!! nvrmind, i would do everything, to share this happyness wit my entire family (including 'him').. but if he refuse to go, nevermind, i also xpected u not to go... dun crash out our happyness.. huh! sound so cruel... but accept that.. u try to be cruel to ours, i make sure u get it double from mine..


day by day keep my anger n frustration growing bigger n bigger.. why it is hard for him to learn from the past.. everyday juz trying to crash out entire family.. please, stop n listen to us.. stop believe what outsiders say.. and remember, without us, u cannot stand alone.. please, learning from the past.. remember what hv outsiders have done to our family.. remember how hard we goin through the life together.. for my entire family (xcept him), please be patient.. as soon as i goin to the working life, i would not ever let him step up to u guyz again.. say what is right and fight for the right.. if my late brother can fight untill his laz breath, so do i.. i would fight for it n prove my late bro that i would keep my promise to protect this family..

Saturday, January 17

should i trust u...

should i? why would i? huhuh!!

i make a promise to one person, that i would trust her and at the same time, she need to trust me.. nothing going to be secret as she said, if i heard anything bout her, juz straightly said to her... so do i... if she heard anything bout me, told me..

but nah, seems like she keeping sumting from me.. i dun noe what but i can feel it.. maybe it just my curiosity... but,we should be curious of anything.. Yeah! if not, its easy for sumone to cheating on us..

it doesnt mean i dun trust her anymore, of coz i trust her, but at the same tyme, i really hope she doesnt hide anything from me.. believe me, if u can give ur trust to me, i would give all my trusted to u.. coz i like u n moreover i luv u.. its ok for me if u dun luv me.. but again.. pliz, dun ever lie to me..

Saturday, January 10

the divine masters - disampingmu

hurm i like this song from the first moment i heard it.. lets take a look at the lyric.. owh, its malay song.. kind of indie band i thing.. sory if i'm mistake..

inginku menatap wajahmu
ku pandang potret indahmu
memang itu tak cukup bagiku
Hanya itu yang ku termampu

selang sepurnama di perantauan
hari itu yang kita nantikan
bertemu kita di pelabuhan
melepas rindu yang terpendam

memang itu yang ku impi
memiliki permata sepertimu
yang lama ku cari
cinta sepertimu
kau punya kelembutan
punya perasaan sepertiku
bahagia hidupku disampingmu

tapi dikau merajuk dihatiku
sentiasa indah lara dalam duka
hatiku tak henti-henti berkata
kau matang seorang wanita

jika usah wujud perkara mustahil
kuingin bawa kau terbang tinggi
tempat yang indah tiada berpenghuni
kita bahagia dan menyanyi

if u want to listen to the song, please wait, if ur internet connection are slowed.. becoz i already attached it beside.. under my playlist link

Thursday, January 1


again, i'm in complicated situation today.. how should i luv sum1 that i didnt luv.. but give me opportunity to luv her... i have until today to give the answer.. once i give the answer, i cannot turn it back.. if i say yes, means we would take our frenship to the nex level.. but if i said no... means we would ever be frens as usual...

maybe it sound easy to sum1. but not for me... i already confess to sum1 that i think more matured and able to help me when i'm down.. so i have no feeling towards my fren that ask me for the answer.. yeah, the person that i confess maybe or maybe not be with me in the future, but i cannot simply turn around n accept sum1 else..

its not about to change ur status only, more important, how to be luv, how to b cared n how to shared our happiness.. adoi... c.o.m.p.l.i.c.a.t.e.d