Wednesday, March 18

what should i write...

huhu,, dono what title should i put.. my intention is juz wana update my blog.. but dono what to write... hurm2... those day i'm quite bz wit everything.. as well as all of my clasmate.. starting from the ending of mid sem break till now, we r quite bz wit everything (quiz+test+assignment+lepaking+mengorat sana sini+gosip2+etc...)huhuhu!! adoi.. bile la nak habis...

yesterday, me n some of my clazmate goin to celebr8 vesshant 22nd bufday.. Cha! u getting older n older.. hahah!! remember, in 3 years more u would be married (as ur mom said to me, 'auntie nak vshan kahwin tyme umur die 25').. jeng3! by the way bro, really hope that angka '22' would bring the best of luck to you (not bring more awek cha!) hehe!

nex week is our final exam.. so u guys out there, pray for us k! in meantime, i juz wana say sorry to all my fren if i have done any sins to u guys, either u guys see or not.. i'm still green to deal with this complicated life.. but thanx 4 u guys for teaching me a lot to be more matured.. huhu!

love?? haa stil find... but i have promise to my self, if i'm not able to find sum1 till i finish my studies, i would not think about this anymore.. 'r u sure???' yes i do... nah,sumtimes i feel too tired with this.. i have giving all the best i can, to keep her as a part of my life.. but as usual, me and only me... then when sum1 ask, 'hei she(anyone) like u la, why u want to find sum1 else? rezeki depan mata maa..' i juz smile... thanx for the news.. hahah!!

'Love is not just about how you feel toward sum1. more important how u shared everything with sum1.. how u cry laugh and fight for ur life together.. so its not when sum1 like u, u must like her.. or when we like sum1, the person must like us.. its not just a sake of title that u r 'owned' or u have sum1 in ur life.. dun ever pretending to be anyone or be sum1 else if u want to catch the luv.. be ur self, accept as the way u r, and find sum1 that suit with u..'

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