Sunday, March 27

lust, confusion and selfishness

Love does not define and is never in a hurry to do so.. When u love more than a person, it is definitely not love. It's just a lust, confusion and selfishness..

Credit to mar.. thanks..

Thursday, March 17

long time no 'C'

HUrm.. its been a while, i didnt wrote anything.. currently bz wit my SAP Training.. yerp, insyaAllah, i might b pursue my career in SAP.. :)

lately as well, i do attend interview in different type of company.. from logica till shell.. hope everything went well.. and i do hope all of the result is '+'.. so i cn made a better choice for my future..

and after entering this SAP training, all i can said is, rezeki bertambah murah..
20/3 - result TNB PEP 37 kuar..
21/3 - Interview wit EDARAN, final stage
22/3 (10.30a.m) - Interview wit Cyber Village (E business Analysis)
22/3 (2.30pm) - Briefing for Shell Recruitment Day.
23/3 - Shell Recruitment Day (final stage of interview before becoming executive Trainee)
24/3 - Need to answer offer letter from Logica, or else they will open the position to others candidate.

it will be such a pack-enjoyable week.. hope i can get through all of this..

thats it bout career...

Love? hurm, hard to xplain dat.. but i do love my family so much ryte now.. altho it takes some time for me to forget everythin on the past, and some from current, i never forget about what i want to achieve.. i really need her now, i miss her badly, but i dont want to miserable mine n her life anymore.. yerp i luv her.. but i think, the best thing i shuld do is, praying dat she's doing well, and kinda enjoy her life ryte now.. i'm hepy to see her hepy..

As for my fellow frenz, i miss u guys so much.. form uniten, pal, bloggers, pEP, and everyone.. if u guys read this, i just hope dat u guys are doing well wit ur life.. and i'll owez pray da best for u guys k.. for those dat their parents know me, sends my regards to ur pa n ma k..

sometimes i'm thinking dat i may not live longer in this world, so i do hope in this short time being, i have did my best to helped and shared everything wit u guys.. thanks for being with me in such a great journey.. may GOD repay all of ur kindness..

my advice to all readers, 'selagi boleh berbakti kepada ibu dan ayah, lakukan.. hidup kita mungkin seketika, mungkin lame.. tapi jangan biarkan suatu hari nanti, kita meratap pemergian mereka kerana kita tak dapat laksanakan ape yang sepatutnye kite lakukan.. sebaliknya hadapi pemergian mereka dengan tenang, yakin, janjian syurga untuk mereka dan smoga doa kita untuk mereka dimakbulkan Allah. Kerana doa anak yang soleh dan soleha adalah apa yang diperlukan mereka ketika di alam kubur kelak.. begitu juga harapan kita terhadap anak2 kita suatu hari nanti'

-persepsi dari minda, tinta dari hati.. untuk mereka yang aku cintai.. salam..-