Friday, February 7

My future zauj


Alhamdulillah,  jam ketika ini sekitar hampir 3 pagi.. Hanya beberapa jam lagi aku akan menamatkan zaman bujang dan bergelar seorang suami.. Looking back for the past few years, i will say, this is the climaks of this blog journey..

Again n again thanks a lot for the love.. And inshaaAllah, i'll do my best to be your husband n father to our kids.. N soon, you will read all my blogpost.. So i just want you to knoe, this is my story.. My journey that lead me to be a better muslim.. Journey that really thought me  the meaning of life..

People keep saying, "are u nervous of getting married?"
N i will definitely say "NO!".. Why? Because this is one of the moment i've been waiting for.. :) thank you Allah for letting me meet my future zauj that soon going to be my zaujah.. I love her, but at the same time i will ensure that i will never forget my love to my mom, her mom, and our family as well.. I'm just too excited sayang as later, i can be ur imam in solah, and u cn be my ma'mum.. Hei, one fine day, inshaaAllah, we could have kids a.k.a Eby, that could add colours to our journey of life..

Both of us have lost our beloved father, so lets recite al fatihah, to them.. In hope Allah will forgive their sins, and let them be with ahli syurga.. InshaaAllah..
I hope, both of them are proud to have us as kid, n i'm sure they are happy to know us getting married.. Dear Asmawi & Hussain, we love u dad..

As u read this entry in future, my hope still remain the same, may U be a good wife to me.. From now on, i will carry all of your sins, and soon, our daughter as well.. And i know it is your dream too, to be with husband that can lead u to jannah.. As we are not perfect, so lets ensure we could help each other in future.. Tegur saya kalau saya terkasar k.. :)

Dear Allah,
Thank you for this journey.. Please bless my marriage and lead us to iman and taqwa.. Please forgive our sins and let us be a better muslim, now and future.. Dear Allah, i love my family more than anyone else.. And soon i will have to love much more people, as my family becomes bigger.. Please Allah, grant me with hidayah that can lead me for a better path for my journey ahead.. Let me build my iman, help me Allah to prevent from doing any sins that could lead me to jahannam.. I hope i cam be a good son to my family, a good husband to my wife, and a good father for my kids..

Ini bakal menjadi pengakhiran persepsi-hati.. Cetusan yang kadangkala terbit dari hati, tertafsir di akal, untuk menilai perjalanan diri.. Selepas ini, sayang akan jadi my persepsi-hati.. Moga sayang faham akan perjalanan saya mencari redha Illahi.. Sayang will become my persepsi-hati soon.. As i must share everything i do with you, right? :) But please let me have my own privacy............. "In the toilet.. :P "

This is my story book for u sayang.. Happy reading, and sweet dream.. :)

"Persepsi dari hati, meruntuh sanubari, agar terbina iman, untuk mereka yang aku kasihi.. Catatan yang terkisar, untuk rujukan dan panduan, agar aku bisa terus menjadi seorang islam yang punya iman dan mampu meneruskan amal soleh.."