Thursday, June 30

sy x kesah..

Sy xkesah, meskipun ianya tau, masih wujud aura kebencian yg kmu lmparkn thdp sy.. mgkin kmu trpaksa.. dan mgkin tidak.. tp sy xkesah.. sy sggup mnerima kmu jika kmu mmrlukn sy suatu hr nnti.. kerna sy msih sdar akn tanggungjawab, kprcayaan dan maruah kmu yg perlu sy bela.. mskipun pada kamu ianya mustahil, sy tidak kesah.. semua perancangan tlahpun direncana Allah S.W.T.. sy yakin akn stiap percaturanNya.. kerna yg baik itu adalah dri Allah S.W.T dan yang jahil itu adlh dri kita sndiri..

Monday, June 27

still trying

When the memory keep buzzing in ur head, it is time to let the tears drain.. i'm still trying n hope for the best to come..
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Saturday, June 11


just coming bck from time square.. went out wit my crazy frens, watchin 'kl gangster'.. erm, such a nice muvee for me.. worth every penny u hv spent..

tapi.. ntahla.. everytime i went for muvee, there wil be a strange feelin.. sumhow, in the middle of the story, there will b uncomfortable feelings crossed my self.. such a feeling that i use to miss a lot.. and i do admit, those feeling drag myself to uncomfortable situation, altho i already reached my home..

and then, i start triggering myself towards sumthin.. how easily people will forget things they used to luv? maybe they will said, try to accept the new and forget the past.. but in reality, we actually lying to ourself towards what we want.. isnt it? it just like people who reading my blog.. if u wont cared or u doesnt have any intention to b wit me and know bout me, u guys will never read it.. coz i never showed my blog to peoples out there.. hei2! not showed off.. i'm appreciate u guys effort to keep reading my blog.. i juz trying to show an example of it.. still luv u guys ok.. :D

hurm.. bottomline, what i'm trying to say ryte nw is, i miss the moment with sum1 that i used to luv.. walaupun tak lame, it still mean a lot to me.. but again, life must go on ryte.. when others already make their choice and forget us, we need to start our own path.. so, i'll try to force myself again to be as strongest as i can.. may Allah guide my life towards hepyness that i'm looking for..

walaupun setiap kali, saye pulang dari tgk wayang, akan wujud strangers feel yang same, saye akan usaha jugak untuk lupekan sume, n brdoa kmbali, agar Allah membantu saye..

p/s - sorry for my grammar k.. ;)