Monday, February 14

sy rindu awk..

Title tu ditujukn khas ntok insan brnama Muhd Fairuz bin Mat Sallih yg tlah mgadap Illahi pada 2 Nov 2008 tpat jam 12 tgahari.. thanks ntok smua nasihat, tnjuk ajar dn teladan yg baik yg engkau tonjolkn suatu ketika dulu..

Janji sy pada abg yus, sy akn jaga anak abg yus sbaik mungkin.. smoga roh abg yus dicucuri rahmat.. amin..

Buat sahabat seislam, tlg sdekahkn al-fatiha buat arwah.. beliau adalah org trbaik yg mncul dlm hdup aku selepas mak.. doakn semoga roh bliau ditempatkn brsama org2 yang beriman kelak.. pesanan terakhir bliau.. 'jangan dibalas prbuatan khianat santau ni.. smua takdir Allah.. Allah yang tntukan sgalanye.. kalau dh begini nasib abang, abang terime.. lgpun abang dh makin slim dgn keadaan bgini.. boleh jaga badan.. :-).. tgk2 kn family abang ye..'


Thursday, February 10

easy.. :-)

Smlm satu soalan keluar dr mulut sahabat aku.. 'erm blog kau ni mmg psl diri kau je ke? Try la update cite len'

Jawapan nye mudah.. :-)
'Dont read if u dont like it.. do read if u like it'
'Prove me which part i'm wrong, dont b an idiot by cmplicated things n tell others differently'
'Hell no to story unrelated things with me, Hell yeah diz is my story n my persepsi (perception)'

So jika diulang kmbali kdudukn jawapan trsebut, semuanya akn trjawab pada soalan yg kau sebut..

Easy rite?.. :-)
prove n guide me if i'm wrong.. thanx guys.. take care..

Thursday, February 3

smile guys.. njoy more cry less.. :D

i think better u guys listen to above song while reading this entry.. believe me.. :D

Hurm before it was too late, i juz want to say hepy chinese new year, to all of my fren like pipo, ng and vesshant(only if vesshant married to chinese girl one day, but that impossible ryte? :D )

erm, ape yang anda fikirkan bile kite berbicara soal ego? sumtimes ego is worth but sumtimes not ryte? depends on ur own perception, how u wan to use it.. for the sake of goodness or else.. we cannot judge our own ego is ryte or wrong.. let others people feel bout it, then only we can realize either we did the right thing or not with our ego.. (why my word sounds complicated? hehe.. hope u guys understand, sorry my english were bad)
let me share a story..
ali cried a few times, after his proposed to aminah is rejected more than once.. and aminah told ali that, please, start with others, open ur heart to others, coz aminah already have do the same.. and in the mean time, aminah already found a suitable guy, and she want to start a new life and hope with it..

Ali learn his lesson, and start accept the fact.. he learn to deal with it, altho it is hard to take at the first place.. Ali may miss aminah so much, but all ali can do is to pray for aminah safeness n hepyness.. coz ali believe, if we pray for the good to others, GOD will owez lettin us close with hepyness, in many ways that sumtimes we cannot imagine about it..

One day, aminah contact ali, and share her problem.. when it comes to relationship problem, aminah told ali that the guy he close with is not understand her enough.. and good advice ali can give is, 'Pray to GOD, may GOD help us in finding a right path to survive in this world.. maybe there is our mistake on what has happen, and believe GOD has greater plan for us in the future'.. Ali said as well, after what happen to him in the past, he more closer to GOD, and GOD has give him the hepyness what he's looking for.. hepyness with family and close homies..

Aminah found the solution then, aminah said, she is trash.. she know ali has olredy forgotten him, and she said to ali, maybe when she deal with that guy, she owez remember about ali.. aminah overshadowed by its past.. and ryte now, she know she need to did like ali do.. forget about ali and start her new life.. maybe there is an effort give by that guy that aminah may overlooked at it.. it ends aminah feel there is problem in understanding that guy.. Aminah said to ali, she rejected ali (few times) before because she doesnt want Ali to be hurt again.. and ryte now, she thank ali coz make her realize, we need to forget the past..

Ali understand what aminah said.. although he feel, he never have any intention to say like dat, but he knew, aminah will learn to accept that guy as the times come.. ali better ends this cnversation, coz ali doesnt want it to gettin worse.. Ali might hurt a bit wit what aminah said coz if ali totally forgotten her, why ali keep cntact with aminah, praying for aminah and others every day, and most important, willing to listen to aminah problem, altho ali may rejected aminah at first place..

that is the end of the story.. and good advice i think we can took from this story is, to ali and aminah, believe in urself, GOD has greater plan for both of u guys.. so be close to GOD, insyaAllah, GOD will help u guys.. and more important, throw away the EGO.. the story can end up easily, if aminah accept ali at first place.. and Ali need to understand, aminah has its point.. Both of u has start a new path, so there is not need to turn ur head back..

to my family, readers, friends, is it good to have EGO sumetimes, but when EGO makes others people life complicated, think bout it again.. anyway, life is full of suprise ryte? so njoy more, cry less.. hehe..

take care guys.. luv u all..

p/s - hepy birthday to my luvly mum and brother.. i luv both of u so much.. to my ustazah, thanks coz keep advice me.. insyaAllah, i'll born again one day with much more success in my life.. i'm arranging my path toward success ryte now..