Tuesday, November 25


what it is all about...
luving sum1 dat attracted you before?
luving sum1 that use to be ur best ever fren before?
luving sum1 important in your life?
luving sum1 that luving you at the same tyme?
luving sum1 that able to touch ur heart?

the power of love..
love can change sum1
from good to bad and bad to good
from bad to worse and worse to much much much more worse...

when sum1 said they can change their attitude or style in order to gain your love,
is that love?
I dont think so... why you need to be an EgO... juz be urself.. no need to change your style unless you decide to change it wit sincere, not because of sum1..

when sum1 said they would do anything in order to show how they care n luv you sho much,
is that love?
take a look at urself, did u do anything good to ur family? how bout GOD that created you? or maybe how bout ur religion? come on, dont you love them???

when sum1 said "hey, i need to find sum1, i dont want to be 'andartu' (anak dara tua) or '*anbutu' (anak bujang tua) in future",
is that love?
hei2 guys, If u r believe in ur religion, i'm sure that u r aware of everything happen to u is already desired by GOD.. So take it easy man, if u already work hard to find it but fail to hold it tight, juz wait.. sumday sumhow u would find sum1..

that's only my perception... its not my power to judge you guyz how did u define what is love.. its depends on you..

for me love is about how you care and responsible about sumthing or sum1.. whenever i found sum1 as my bride in future, i owez put GOD, Family and religion 1st.. then only my wife and family.. so, Do I have a couple? NO! but if u r interested in me, pliz give me a call.. haha!!

p/s sory for my grammar.. i juz learn how to use my english better..
* = i juz 'taram' a.k.a 'hentam' dat word.. dont know whether it's contain in kamus dewan or not..

Sunday, November 23

need help..

does anyone know how the live camera works? i need to use it for my web page...

Saturday, November 22

life's hurt... sometimes...

diz semester have been a really2 tough semester for me.. bukan sebab semua subjek susah, but it is because all the problem n lost of sumone dat i love so much in my life.. to all my friend, sorry if i keepin lying to u all about my blog.. i'm not intended to do that.. but i have to do so..

when my bro passed away, i'm having my final exam.. its really stressful for me.. but, if i dont do well with my exam, i know, i would make everybody sad especially my luvly bro that passed away.. he doesnt want me to give up on all those thing.. n i would owez remember what he said " buat setiap ibadah (perkara/perlakuan/pekerjaan) demi Allah (god) dan Keluarga".. so i must keep on going and going... although life's hurt sometimes..

life must go on.. i cannot take a look back on what has happened.. but everyday i would pray that yesterday,today n tomorow would help me to be a better person in this massive destructive annoying world...

Now aku kena blaja cemana nak hidup lebih berdikari n buat keputusan sendiri.. tak lupa gak blaja cemane nak hadapi orang yang zalim terhadap family kita sendiri.. jangan takut untuk bersuara.. esok akan menjadi hari yang baru.. dan menjadi harapan untuk aku menghadapi hari2 tersebut dengan tenang dan tabah..

-..al fatihah buat abang aku yang tersayang Muhd Fairuz Bin Mat Sallih..-