Saturday, April 2

:-) hypocrite n reality

Alhamdulillah.. she seems so hepy nw.. altho i'm thorn into pieces.. neway, life is full of suprise.. people will act like angel to hide all the mstake.. and it gettin worse when u let urself down n let others blame n misjudge u wit everythin..

N for those who r seeing me like unmatured person, hey shut up! I'm not hypocrite like u.. culture shock prson n think dat u r cool enuf to act like dat.. i hv been raise in a place where some of my fren doesnt know how to read, die at young age bcoz of drugs, in juvana bcoz of theft,murdered a person n rape.. so r u still thinking dat u r cool enuf by repo wit a bunch of people dat use to shisha n smoking in mamak stall everyday? Haha! U such a jerk!

So if u think i'm goin to change myself, for the sake to win ur heart, or to b close wit u.. dude! I'm not hypocrite like u.. i'm proud to b myself.. my experience has thought me a lot hw to b grateful wit ur life.. it showed me hw importnt to b close with Allah (GOD), my fmily n myself.. i believe in sincerity.. when u done sumtin good sincerely, Allah(GOD) will pay ur kindness more than u could imagine..

still thinking i'm too skema?nerd? Think again.. my heart has suffered a lot.. my head has been blocked by memories.. but things would not stop me for being such a person that cn make Allah, my fmily n people dat appreciate me, proud of having me as khalifah/son/person dat they has met in this world.. this is me.. persepsi dari hati, tafsiran pada akal ntok kegunaan sanubari..

P/s sory for my grammar k.. i'm still learning hw to write things btter..

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