Wednesday, April 27

email.. hacked..

my email has been hacked by somebody this morning.. how do i know? hey! that stupid person changed my password.. ok i have changed it back.. and i think i know how that stupid person done it.. simple.. by using the secret question, answer..

1. secret question.. 'what is your favourite football team?'
2. secret question.. 'what is your fullname?'

hahah.. as i laugh read my secret question, i realize hw stupid i am, to have the answer directly known by people who know me.. huhu.. so i changed it back..

and a few moment later, someone added me through friendster.. (the heck! i didnt play fs.. fb! fb! hahah).. and that person is very familiar to me.. and i start wondering, i think he is the one who hack my mail.. coz, he xpuas hati wit me bout something.. and her gf told me b4 about his jealousy.. and i start wondering again, could his girlfren, give the answer of my favourite football team...

anyway, it just my guessing, but watever it is, if the person who hacked my mail read this, (or maybe his or her rakan subahat read this), please, i'm skema, nothing interested inside my mail.. so stop hacking k.. dont bully me coz i'm skema.. hahah.. dei bican, please help me to configure my server k.. peace!

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