Saturday, April 23


I'm so depressed with my life.. all of the tense, tears n memory keep buzzing on my head.. i wish there is no week like this in future.. the tense dat almost kill my soul, the tears dat drag me to hell.. i hate all of this.. i hate everyone dat ruin my life.. hope just come n flow away easily.. i'm not strong enugh.. i need help.. Ya Allah, i'll pray dat Allah gv me strength.. i dun want to cont my stupidity like yestrday.. i'm weak again when i'm start thinking bout it.. dear medicine..please stay with me.. dear fren, please b with me.. dear family, please support me..

I wish i'll b doing my umrah ryte nw.. i juz want to live in peace, w/o my mind being dstracted.. sumtimes, when i'm thinking bout death, i'm afraid.. afraid dat Allah wont forgive all my sin, if i'm dead.. but ,Ya Allah, i'm more willing to meet u rather than staying with this pain.. i'm hopeless wit evehytin.. i'm not sure where my life will b.. i juz hope Allah gve me hidayah n strength.. please Ya Allah, save me from all this pain..

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