Tuesday, June 16

API - Best!

hurm.. API.. not 'api' @ 'fire'.. diz one is called 'application programming interface'.. really best! once u know the beauty of it..

this is da thing that i'm been playing around nowadays, during my internship at hailer.. yeah! hard to do it @ first time, but once u get it, wahh... GREAT!

u may wonder what is API actually.. ok let me ask u guys:
have u guys playing around with twitter?
have u guys get around wit facebook?

this 2 social network provided u with the latest update from u n ur fren ryte? where u can shout and ur fren are able to see it.. same like shoutbox.. then, have u ever wonder, how the background process is? haa.. that is the beauty of API.. with api, i oso can get any update from facebook, twitter, hailer.my and others to my website.. API oso can works with google talk.. u can place ur msg from gtalk, then it would appear on twitter, fb, hailer, etc.. is dat coollllll.. heheh!

wah.. seems like i being teacher today.. hei guys.. sory 4 diz skema post k.. juz wana share sum info wit u all.. :D

p/s i'm goin to redang this friday.. yeehaa!!

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