Sunday, June 7

what a day...

today as usual.. wake up in the morning @ 9.. afta a rely tired journey yesterday..
then doing my report.. lecture would visit this wednesday.. need to ready up everything..

then do no wat to do, family all going to negeri 9.. have wedding ceremony.. me? malas.. letih + byk keje... coz my family plan wana go to nilai 3 afta that wedding ceremony..

take a nap.. (but b4 dat planning to go out to mid valley at 3.. (shopping + muvee ALONE!) wake up at 3.45.. sigh~~ call sis ask 4 credit card number (muvee ticket booking).. unfortunately, my sis juz give the credit card number and cv without giving me the xpired dated of the card..

try to call my sis.. (tak angkat)
call my mum (tak angkat)
call my other sister (eldest one) oso tak angkat..
call my bro ("kakak ade ngan mak.. abang kat kedai laen..") sigh~~
call my father - er.. my father doin umrah ryte now..

ok.. msg my sis then..plan to purchase ticket at the ticketing kiosk @ gsc mid later (kiosk - not need to queue.. purchase using credit card v.i.a the machine bside popcorn counter.. huhu..)

4.15 - gerak to mid.. motor.. rempit nowadays.. huhu!

4.35 - arrive mid.. salah masuk parking.. pusing2 cari parking..
4.50 jalan2 dalam mid.. direction = MUVEE! GSC! target muvee start at 5.00.. so need to rush...

call my sis.. ask 4 da credit card xpired date.. yosh! got the date..

arrive at ticketing kiosk.. unfortunately, need credit card to purchase.. cannot simply enter credit card number.. so, rumusan, aku takdapat tgk muvee coz aku cume ade nombor kredit kad.. takde 'the kad'..

kecewa.. go to toilet then.. cuci muka.. proses perpeluhan berlaku, kerna cuba mengejar showtime ntok muvee juz now..

put my sony w900 kat sink.. unfortunately ter tolak enset secara tidak sgaje.. DUSH! enset jatuh.. casing retak.. bateri out (cannot use, terkena air dah).. kamera lense pecah.. pnutup bateri out... sigh~~

angkat pnutup bateri.. bateri + lense.. biarkan kat toilet.. me = malu = ramai orang tgk..

goin for solat.. afta solat, relex.. dun want to think any.. buy roti.. makan...

5.30 - balik rumah.. merempit again..

6.10 - arrive rumah..

rehat, solat, tido, makan, sambungkeje, blogging..

12.13 A.M finish type everything for the blog.. post!

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ur hiding me sumthing