Thursday, April 12

thanks aunt and uncle

i went to met my aunt yesterday. its been a while i did not met her. and since i just arrived from umrah, my family decide to went there.

We had a chat and laugh. well we all enjoyed our time there. Suddenly, my aunt come to me and ask me 1 big question that act interest me at that moment.

Aunt : "GF cemana? sehat? bila nak tunjuk enggal (name dat being used to call my aunt)"
Me : "xda lagi la enggal.. so cemana nak tunjuk.. hehe"
Aunt : "aish, susah sangat ke nak cari? lame benor x jumpe2.. last yang kami sume jumpe time open house rumah kamu la kan?"
Me : juz senyum.. :)
Aunt : "kenapa x cari lagi?"
Me :"erm, ntahla, mungkin x jumpe lagi kot.. susah kan nak cari yang betol2 pandang bukan atas apa yang family kite ade"
Aunt : "betol tu, takpe enggal doakan yang terbaik buat kamu k.."
Me : "hehe.. maseh enggal"

why i said dat question interest me a lot. Back then when i'm in mecca, i met uncle hashim and haji (i just call him by that)..

Uncle hashim : berape umur ko skarang?
me : 24
Uncle Hashim : nanti nak kawen ajak la acik k..
me : hehe.. insyaAllah.. kalau ade rezeki.. so far xde sape lagi, so xdpat la nak jemput dulu.. hehe
Uncle Hashim : haish, keje dah elok.. takkan xde lagi kot.
Haji : ala, hashim ade anak perempuan, pakcik pun ade.. so boleh la kot..
me -> seriyes malu!
Uncle Hashim : pandai la ko haji.. anak aku tu baru form 1.. papepun azmi, ni pakcik nak pesan. Remember, the most beautiful women is ur girlfriend and the most ugliest is ur wife. Why i said that, sebelum kahwin, bukan main.. lepas kahwin, itu tak kene, ini tak kene.. sebelum kahwin slim, lepas kahwin slim river.. haha..

He continued

Uncle Hashim : but bila kita sayang bukan sebab cantik, kurus, gemok, haaa.. itu yang buat sayang tu kekal lama.. so ingat pesan pakcik k..
Haji : azmi, kamu x da sapa lagi kan?
me : yerp x da lagi haji.
Haji : percaya la cakap pakcik. masin mulut pakcik, balik ni, dalam masa terdekat sure kamu akan ada someone.
Uncle Hashim : haa.. btol tu..
me : InsyaAllah.. mohon doa..
Haji and Uncle Hashim : Amin..

Hurm, same topic discuss in different situation. But i just glad, they pray for me as well. May Allah bless all of them.. :)

Dear Allah,
if my prayers to met someone will lead me being far from u,
i'll be glad if u not granted too.
Coz at the end of the day,
your blessing that i seek,
love and rahmat that i need,
and those iman that i wish.
I believe in your lead, and i'm very please to thank you for everything..

anyway sorry for my grammar k.. still learn how to write better.. :D

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