Monday, April 23

patient and perfection of life

Somehow i just afraid of taking those chance.. but i believe i cant hold it back.. if people said "life is a race",i'll say sorry, if i cant stand with it..i juz prefer to deal with life, patiently.. yerp.. maybe i'll miss those chance, but perfection will only born with patient.. is it? :D

so, if today i do say i like u, or maybe i luv you, its a symbolic for me to learn to be patient..(yerp, noted to my own self).. Coz doesnt mean when we spell a word, people will react as we hope for.. BUT! How long will those patient last? That is the hardest thing to fact, i dont even dare to answering that..

so dear,
that is why i put my fate in Allah.. i can only pray and hope for better..
and i wont regret of taking my chance either..
there is a time when journey tought us something..
and dear, my journey has lead me to learn something about u..

i'm sorry for every false i've made.. might b mine not suit u..
but dear, there is still a room for perfection..
it just u have to deal it with patient..
coz remember, perfection is symbolic of patient..
and for that i'll patiently wait for a moment of u,
accepting me in ur own life.. d^_^b

there will be a time, when i thot u would not be mine,
but beneath those time, there is still a portion of belief,
of those patient and perfection of life..

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