Tuesday, April 17

kosong-kosong :D

Segala kata cacian
yang telah engkau berikan
membuatku rasa kosong kosong
Setiap tutur diperhatikan
kau cari cara putar belitkan
kau jadikan diriku kosong kosong

Kini aku bangkit
membuktikan yang ku tak sakit
dengan segala perit yang kau berikan
Kini ku pantas berjalan
bergerak kehadapan
dan akan ku buktikan
siapa diriku yang sebenar.

I was listening to this lyric when i start writing this entry. Congrats to Najwa Latif for creating such a wonderful and meaningful song. Yeah after all media hype she has faced.

Anyway, today entry will be based on those lyric (some part of it, MAYBE :D ).

Alhamdulillah as to-day, i already achieved one of my lifetime goal. own a house. Thanks to Allah for all the blessing and guidance. Finally i already bought my own 3 room condominium (yerp 90% of those money is loaned from bank! thanks Mr and Mrs Bankers.. :D )

InsyaAllah, my next goal is to have my OWN car (not the one being bought by our parents k ;) ). i'm still working for it.. As early as end of this year or might be next year.. and MAY be, i'll ready to getting married 6 month after that.. (mood gatal nampaknye ;p ) But that will be my plan. Achieve or Not? = Let Allah Decide. My job is to work harder, and seek blessing from Allah for every step that i made.

END :)

Dear my lovely wife,
As i write it today, you might read it in future.
And listen dear, today i learned a lesson.
A lesson that teach me, that i must love every inch of person who loved me.
Because it was you, my destiny,
who given by Allah, to be with me in hard or good time.

I already lend my ribs,
and today i bought for you and our kids a place to stay,
and i'll continue working now to own a safety ride,
to cater our family in days and night.

As today i learned,
People will only judge you by how you look,
and they often miss a moment,
to look at person who cared about them a lot.
And things become worse,
when you know, you only act as a place,
to shared their sadness, but not happiness.

that is why i'm writing this for you.
I hope you realize how grateful i'm to meet someone like you.
Before it was too late,
I thank you for every trust you have give.
And more importantly, thanks for being with me,
from the moment we met,
from the moment i raised from nobody to becoming somebody to you,
from the moment those ijab and qabul is voice out,
from the moment i made a promise with Allah to take care of you.

Dear, please..
remind me if i tend to forget what has been written here.
I just human that tend to make a mistake.

in Allah i trust, for every destiny and path that i should take.
Help me to be a better khalifah,
so i can help to bring my parents, ur parents, urself and our kids,
to Jannah that has been promised by Allah SWT..


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