Saturday, January 29

The Fray - Heartless

Yesterday, i'm watched aI10 audition on astro.. and i fall in luv with one scene.. scene where there is a man, going for an audition and he show something to the people around the globe, what is luv all about.. his name 'chris medina' and she sang song title 'breakeven' by the script.. it was really a great song.. and i guess, chris medina performed it in much more bettter way than the script.. i wish i could be like him.. tougher heart and brave enough to face all of the test put by the GOD. and u knoe wat? i'm fall in luv with this song at the first place..

i google the song on the internet, lookin for the lyrics, and watch the video on youtube.. SUDDENLY, my eyes was starring at one of the related video that appeared on the right side of the browser.. its title 'the fray - heartless'.. i know the fray since they sang a song for transformers 2 OST.. guys, i think i luv this song much more than 'breakeven'.. again i go through the lyrics and the video.. it was a wonderful video + a good lyrics.. and fyi, its originally sang by K.West.. The fray make a cover on it.. but its much more better and very pleasant to be heard.. So u guys, njoy this video.. and believe me, if the video still not mad enough, try to go for the lyrics..

Video :




Lyrics :


2 and 3.

so, as a conclusion for today :
1. Chris Medina, i salute u man.. wish u da very best of luck for ur future..
2. The fray, u never disappointed us with hw the way u perform all of ur song..
3. Guys.. i never made this post, to hurt anybody k.. i know some of the lyrics is a bit harsh to someone or maybe everyone who read through the lyrics.. but the lyrics is the lyrics.. i'm just listen to the song and kinda luv it.. cheers everyone..

Thumbs up for both of u (chris medina n the fray)..
Take care readers..

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Vshanu said...

hahaha.. dei tido la :D