Tuesday, January 18


Semalam ada terbace post dari vesshant.. Macha, thanx dei for the entry 'Friends of the day 2'.. as u r one of my besties, i'm realy glad to have u inside my life.. cha, ping, rachi, sree, balan, janah, zai, tika, ineh, reen, wan, diya.. u guys rock! thanx for makes me hepy during 'that old days'.. hehe.. walaupun kadang2, ada gak aku gaduh ngan korang, tpi aku glad, sebab korang adalah orang2 yang percayekn aku, at times when others start to pointing their fingers on me..

In this entry also, i want to dedicate my appreciation to alfy, azam, chekinit(fify), mei, jaid,razman,alip n her greenapple,wana,fatin for olwez makes my day completed with ur guys life, laughter, joy, sadness n everything.. yerp, i'm kind of enjoying my life now, altho sumtimes its hard for me to take that.. but, life must go on ryte? others already make her own choice, so why shul we waitin then..

Erm, to syira as well, thanx for owez keep advice me and being my ustazah.. insyaAllah ustazah, saye akan jadi yang terbaik, saye akan proof kat sume orang, yang sy bukan seburuk yang mereka katekan.. My followers like Hakha, una_witch, thanx for keep reading my blog, altho i knoe some entry sound strangers to u guys..

Last but not least, of coz to my family.. saye akan ingat pesan mak, 'xpe, susun hidup kamu skarang, tunjukkan kat orang len, one day mereka akan menyesal dengan kate kamu begitu.' u guys wan to knoe sumthin? these day, i'm use to kiss my mum everyday.. n at one moment when i'm not kiss her in a day. she will merajuk.. how she merajuk? nex day when she wake up, she will not talking to me, n made breakfast.. so if no breakfast i will straightly go to meet her, and kish her.. then nex day, surely got sarapan.. hehehe.. my dad and bro has already arranged me a business, which i guess, i will start to work with it in next 2 or 3 month.. thanks guy for letting me in.. :D

tomorrow got an interview at Manulife Damansara.. wish me luck guys.. and perhaps, after few interview with Shell, i can get my opportunity there..

assalamualaikum.. regards..

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* f i f y said...

fy pn include same ea..
anak yg bagus....kis ibu ea..
sweett... ;)

all the best in ur life friend..