Thursday, December 9

full stop...

SHe : Dear my friend, thnkx cz bcome my great companion before, snce it is maal hijrah, i wish all da best 2 u,wishn' one day there wll be smeone dat suit wit u n u livin happly evr after..all u hv to do is juz wait, cz ur angel wll come to sooner or later, trust to Allah, and he'll grant ur wish,psst,.ur angel is out there, trust me!;) strt ur life with new mission yea ..i ve strt my life wit new hope, xperience
hopefully u too :D

He : thanx my dear may takes time for me.ryte now, i dun feel to find any angel anymore.juz wan to cncntrate wit my own life n fmily.insyaAllah,if i'm wit any1 1day, i will let u knoe.. but i think it is not in the near future.neway, hope u njoy wit ur new life,fmily,****,etc..i'll pray for ur hepynes k


ending.. and full stop to everything.. thanx for being with me before k.. again alia, i wish u all the best for ur future, n i'll pray for ur hepyness..

-persepsi hati-
persepsi dari akal tafsir pada diri, untuk semua insan yang aku cintai..

P/s sory ye alia.. sy dh put star.. as ur wish.. guys, no guessing,coz aku xda hadiah ntok pemenang.. haha..

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