Wednesday, September 2

yerp, she truth i guess..

hurm, diz month, totally bz with test n everytin.. midterm every week.. haish!

yesterday, receive the mark for Software Project Management quiz n pizentation.. frustrated a bit, because i really not expecting the total mark i would get for my prizentation.. my group got the lowest, among all of the groups inside the class.. Maybe our presenter (which is me) dat tyme, present badly.. sorry guys..

then i go n express my frustration to my mum, n sum1.. glad that my mum able to help me when i'm down.. she ask me to DOA n TAWAKKAL to ALLAH.. ini semua ujian, untuk kita jadi lebih baik di mase akan datang.. Thanx MAK! LUV YA! hehe...

then sum1 reply my message n saying sumting that makes me really heppy to meet sum1 like her.. thanx GOD!

"its okay, my dearest, mybe u cn try 4 da next tme..not everything goin prfct, rght? we cn try 2 b prfct bt we nvr b prfct, life is karma.. mybe god wnt u to push up more,right? cme on, past is history, present is a gift, future is mystery, so 4get da past, n chase afta da mystery dat await u.. :D "

i'm quite impress with those word, yerp.. SHE truth, past is HISTORY, present is a GIFT, future is MYSTERY...

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azreenChan said...

She is 'right'.. not 'she truth'. :)