Monday, May 4

i'm betrayed you...

las nite i received this message..

"feel like u betrayed me.. Pas dapat org len, trus lupe.. at least, i got ************ pun, i nvr forgotten u pn? Kn. Ironic.."

hurm.. the worst thing that i scared b4, happened laz nite.. i have state it in 1 of my previous post.. hurm i'm sory if i have betrayed u.. but the point is, i never break up my promise by telling u the truth.. and act, 4 ur info.. i never got anyone.. is dat i just starting to get close and knowing well wit the person.. but i'm oso not sure wether i'm able to get along wit that person o not..

watever it is.. i just wana say sorry if i betrayed u.. i'm still green, still budak2.. and this would be a great lesson to me.. thanx..

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