Thursday, December 4


i juz get confius wit myself, everyday, i keep thinking wat is da meaning of friend actually.. is it just a member in our life? for the moment, i have my uniten frens that i can describe as my best buddy ever.. in other hand, i also have my hometown fren,dat i knoe for almost 20 years... erm.. oso including my school fren, that most have been missing rite now.. do no where they are..

hurm people may get thinking why i said my uni fren are bestest buddy.. its not i try to bodek them becoz they know my blog.. but to tell the truth, most of my uni are able to help me in many condition, especially where i'm in trouble.. how bout my hometown fren?? hurm.. i'm still trying to understand them... why they are with me? i'm saying this bcoz, laz tyme when i'm asking them to help for a kenduri that held in my house, none of them are showed up, instead i hv told them 2 weeks b4 dat kenduri.evenmore i remind them a day b4 dat kenduri again..

but its too early to judge my hometown fren, maybe they still not realized what is frenship all about.. as tyme pass by, i would keep thinking n thinking, its that my uni fren would do like dat to me when we r separated after graduate later? its that i'm able to meet them? would me n my hometown fren be like diz for a long tyme? would i be standable alone later? hurm..

but sumetymes it is my fault that makes all my fren away from me.. i'm kind of 'direct sound' when i think there is sumthing not nice bout my fren.. but if they are understand me, i hope they r realize, i just want to help them to be a better person.. same as me, sumtymes when i get scolding or yelling or anything that people may feel distracted, i would keep them as a motivation to help me to be a better person in this world.. so, dun ffeel worry to told me bout my bad habit if u guys think i'm wrong.. i'm still learning to survive in this live..

my fren..b4 i died or maybe b4 i would be sleep for the whole tyme of my life, if u read this post, i juz wan to make an apoligize if there is any mistake or i'm hurting u guys before.. i'm just an unperfect person...

p/s sory 4 my vocab n grammar k..

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