Sunday, September 16

Assalamualaikum.. :)

It has been ages since my last update.. is it? yeah i think so.. Eh2..

Assalamualaikum to all readers
(is there any? hope so.. hehe.. if not, let me be the story teller and let my future wife to read this blog in future.. hi my future wife.. i'm now in the middle of writing something for u.. anyway, if u read this, i'm 24 during this time.. :p )

Lately my life is getting busier with work and study..
Alhamdulillah, my CGPA for 1st semester is not bad at all.. considering i'm working in morning while attending class at night.. Dear,  i'm able to obtain 3.25 CGPA.. its not bad at please, as u read this, i hope u r smiling (and perhaps, bring some present for me.. hihi)

As for working,
It has really being an enjoyable moment sayang. i do love my job and my team mates.. tho at some point there is  some argument, but they really become part of my family. u know sayang, i'm the youngest in my team as the next closer to me is already 31.. hehe.. but i'm sure, somebody will take my crown as the youngest in next years or after.. :D

My Dear,
As to date, many of my friend already getting married.. i'm not sure when is mine.. but at the moment. i do hope to meet u in near future.. i'll keep praying that Allah led me to the most blessing path. so i can continue growth to be a better khalifah in future.

as day passed by,i do realize also, my intention to become a businessman continuously increase. I saw many opportunity in place, but i just waiting for the right time for execution. I do love my job in TNB. but i dont want to waste my time either untuk 'makan gaji' forever. I hope by 30, i can set another benchmark in my life. Which is to own an organization. Tho it might be such a small business.. but i'm totally happy if i can own one. When i say 'organization', it is not just for the sake of name and license of the company..i do target for business continuity in long term manner. (ok sound skema enough.. sayang u might get bored with this paragraph ryte? hihi. sorry)

Day is getting closer for my bro engagement. He's getting married by next year. InsyaAllah. Same for my eldest sister as well. its all now depend on Allah faith. I'm too happy if their wish is granted by Allah.. Terutama untuk kak yati. Selepas pemergian arwah abang yus pada tahun 2008, anak-anak beliau membesar tanpa kasih sayang seorang bapa. Justeru ingin juga saya lihat anak-anak dia membesar sempurna seperti sahabat mereka yang lain.

Enough for the update sayang? hei, if u craving for more, why dont you go to me now (as u read this line), and ask me to story more.. (insyaAllah, if i do remembered any stories related till this entry date, i will share with u k.. hihi )


i do love below song. Sang by Boyce Avenue - Someone like you.. in future i'm not sure whether i still love it.. (and will u able to listen to it sayang?) but for a moment, this song will continuously rang in my ear day after day..

*for you that i used to confess and express my feeling earlier, big thanks for sharing your joy and sadness with me before.*  

haa.. sayang, you may want to ask me bout above line right? go and ask me now.. hihi..

To all my friends, and readers (if any), i will like to make sincere apologize for any mistakes and sins i've made. thank you for continue to be with me and accept me as the way i'm.. i may be not perfect for you, but i really thankful for every moment u guys spend with me. If today be the last day i opened my eyes, i hope u guys can forgive me and continue to pray for my safety in thereafter. Moga Allah merahmati kita semua, dan sayangi keluarga anda k. Ingat! jangan lebihkan sayang kita terhadap orang lain lebih dari kita menyayangi Allah, Rasul, dan Keluarga kita sendiri.. InsyaAllah, moga Allah sentiasa membuka jalan untuk kita supaya terus istiqamah menjadi khalifah di bumi Allah.. amin.. 

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