Monday, May 2

friendster oh friendster


is there any volunteer out there, act as admin for my friendster? coz, suddenly, i have no friend request? hehe..

so bottom line is, there is stalker at my blog.. n she/he has react to my previous post, about hacked(mail)..

to the stalker, or i can called it my fan (haha.. :p), please, dont interfere my life.. as i dont interfere urs.. and, i xpect u respect my privacy more.. jangan sampai suatu hari nanti, blog ni pun kau nak jadi admin.. habis la saye, sume ade orang control.. :p

papepun, saye xnak menuduh sesape k.. saye agak je.. coz everything is so related.. sory kalau saye wat sape2 terase.. :)

p/s some might ponder how the heck 'that person' know my fs password? easy! coz i have told some'ONE' before.. cheers..

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