Friday, April 24

it is my fault...

sumtimes i didnt understand bout my self..
i dono,
what should i do
what should i be
who should i believe
who should i cared of beside my family

i'm easy to belive sum1,
easy to put my trusted to sum1,
easy to give my heart n soul to them,
i'm too easy...

but did they have the same 'easy' to me?? nah i dono...

now, i'm stopping again at one of my checkpoint in this life..
meeting sum1 dat i tin, they can understand and help me to be better...
but, is dat mean i'm a player?
easy to forget sum1 that i trusted b4?
is dat mean i cannot stick to one person?
is dat mean oso i cannot b loyal to them?
hurm, i'm sure one of the above would be the question for those who reading my blog..

its not dat i didnt trust them..
its not dat i cannot stick to them..
i'm oso not a player.. in fact i'm not dat charming, tough, D-SPeC or watsoever...

yeah, i have put my believe, my soul n my everything to them.. but again, sumtimes me just a dreamer.. those checkpoint have givin me, lot of experience..

i have love sum1, but dat sum1 love sum1 else..
i have love sum1, but dat sum1 leave me with a thousand of question dat i oso cannot answer..
i have love sum1, till i meet their parents, express my feeling, but dat sum1, w/o unexpected be wit sum1 else..
i have love sum1, but dat sum1 doesnt luv me..
i have love sum1, but i'm not sure dat sum1 would have the same feeling bout me..
i have love sum1,
i have........

i do being luv by sum1, but i dun think i have more feeling than just a gud fren..
is dat my fault to leave out the sum1?
i cannot luv sum1 with the sake of i want sum1
i want to luv sum1 that can give me da feeling to luv them..

nah, everything not goes as been expected..
maybe it is my fault..
it is my fault to easily trusted
it is my fault to give everything..
it is my fault..
yes it is...

me sory n thanx 4 everythin... me just hope sumday me would meet the checkpoint that can give me a lot of hepyness.. so me can breath n understand, what is life, much more better...

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